LaserTrack Flare


LaserTrack Flare

Using leading-edge infrared laser technology, this robust remote control device, the LaserTrack Flare is perfect for opening security gates, garage doors and operating outdoor lights ensuring a safe, convenient and comfortable end to your drive.


What Does the LaserTrack Flare do?


The LaserTrack Flare has many uses. These uses include:

  • Activating your home’s security lighting
  • Activating your home’s electric gates
  • Activating your home’s garage door
  • Notification of a laser gun being fired at your vehicle.
  • Protection of a laser gun being fired at your vehicle.


The uses of the LaserTrack Flare

Opening the gate of your garden or garage door is done fully automatically by LaserTrack Flare. You do not even need to push a button! As soon as your car comes within reach of the garden gate or garage door. Due to the necessary access code is exchanged automatically,  the gate or door will swing open automatically. For safety reasons, the system makes use of more than 4 billion codes and up to 50 different vehicles. Each with their own code can be programmed into the system.

Remote Control

Using the LaserTrack Flare as a remote control is perfectly fine. Ex-factory, the LaserTrack Flare functions exclusively as a remote control. Most noteworthy is this mode is allowed anywhere in the world. Also, an audible and visual warning on the display indicates that the remote control mode is active.

Notification of a laser gun

Also using the feature of being notified when a police laser gun has been targetted at you. This is also perfectly fine. Most of all this mode is allowed to be used virtually anywhere in the world. Please bear in mind that this mode is not substantially protective. Due to a laser gun needs less than half a second to measure the speed of a vehicle. Consequently, if LaserTrack Flare alerts you in such a case, there is no time left to correct your speed. Also, an audible and visual warning on the display indicates that the laser speed trap detection-mode is active.

Protection from a laser gun

But especially relevant is that the use of the final feature of protecting your vehicle from the laser gun is not allowed in most European countries. There is software available for the LaserTrack Flare that can activate this feature. This will be shown to you where this software is available. But most noteworthy the download of the software is down to you, the owner of the vehicle, not us the installers. As we are installing a remote control for garage doors and electric gates, not these additional extras.

If the protection mode is activated,  it is important to be aware that the protection against the police laser gun is of a temporary nature. Hence this should give you enough time to, if necessary, adjust your speed. Also, an audible and visual warning on the display indicates that the laser speed trap protection-mode is active. So no laser gun speed reading can be performed.


     System 1                                 System 2                         LaserTrack Flare

LaserTrack FlareLaserTrack FlareLaserTrack Flare


LaserTrack FlareLaserTrack Flare


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