Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost Key theft cloning immobiliser



Completely undetectable our new Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost anti-clone vehicle immobiliser system is now available for customers wanting the added security of key theft or cloning of their Fiat 500, Fiat Abarth 595 & Fiat Ducato. Designed to combat recent car crimes involving vehicle theft with owners keys & no signs of forced entry into a vehicle this new high-end security system is perfect for your vehicle security. Not only does the Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost deliver incredibly high security but it also does this without the need for any unsightly key fobs or remotes.

Our Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost uses the discrete sequence of pin codes through existing buttons already in your Fiat Abarth. This makes our Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost undetectable to anyone who gets into your vehicle.

Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost immobilises the vehicle with a silent engine lock & prevents the vehicle from being driven away -The sequence to starting your vehicle can be practically transparent to any passenger or occupant, making our Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost anti-clone vehicle system a discreet immobiliser that is not affected by car criminals who clone your vehicle keys or use jamming, spoofing devices to obtain codes from an original key remote fob.
All Prices inc VAT and Include a 2-year warranty

Please note; Price is vehicle dependent, Please speak to a member of our team for a price on your vehicle.

Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost

Fiat 500 – 2015 Onwards

Fiat Ducato – 2010 – 2016

Fiat Abarth 595 – 2015 Onwards

please call sales for further information. 




Why have a Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost system?

Easy access on the web for cloning equipment & door lock picking has become widely available to the underworld of car criminals. This cloning equipment & door lock pick sets require very little know how & training thus making it a very simple task to break into & steal the most modern cars today. All this access to such equipment that allows thieves to scan & clone your vehicle keys of your Fiat.

Simple – How it Works?

Once you have a Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost anti-clone system installed to your vehicle by one of our qualified engineers. You will be demonstrated how to authorize a startup of your vehicle.You will require no additional keys fobs or touch keys when deactivating your Autowatch Ghost. Entering an exact pin code sequence with your existing car buttons that the engineer will program into your vehicle will authorize a mobile vehicle. Each & every install will have a unique pin code sequence to enable safe start-up of the vehicle. There is also an iPhone App available ( at additional cost from iTunes click here) available which can allow you to enter your vehicle with your phone & that will authorize startup without having to press further buttons.

When it comes to valeting or servicing your Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost allows you to enter your vehicle into Service/Valet mode which then allows you to protect from revealing your pin code to the car dealership.

With Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost nothing is on show in the vehicle.The entire installation is a covert install by one of our qualified technicians.


Main Features

Stealth Mode de-activation

Complete Stealth mode when it comes to start up your vehicle


Undetected to cloning equipment

Stealth Active is undetected by thieves key cloning equipment.

Auto Re-arming

Vehicle auto immobilisation.

Driver key Safe

Stolen with the driver keys or cloned -Stealth Active still secures vehicle.

No Subscription required

No monitoring or annual service charges required.

Battery disconnect safe

100% safe for classic , sports & prestige vehicles that require battery isolation when storing.

Multi Driver use available

*Optional add-on ; add additional driver stealth tags

Service Mode

Optional Extra ; Service/valet mode for when vehicle goes in for servicing( vehicle dependant )

Look how easy your car can be cloned? 


Important Notes

* Fiat Abarth Autowatch Ghost immobiliser system is fitted from £399.99 vehicle dependent. Please call sales team for confirmation on price for installation on your vehicle.

** Due to the complexity of new vehicles, some vehicle Manufacturers, models are still in development. Please consult with our sales team for coverage on your vehicle.