Autowatch Shadow


Autowatch Shadow the all-new defence in keeping your vehicle secure


Autowatch Shadow upgrades –  With one of our latest products from Autowatch, we now offer the super stealth Autowatch Shadow immobiliser. The unique Autowatch Shadow immobiliser is so discreet allowing your vehicle security added lockdown when it comes to attempted car theft.


Autowatch Shield


Autowatch Shadow -How does it work?


The Autowatch Shadow is a bolt-on upgrade for the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser. The Shadow offers additional immobilisation cut to the vehicle, this, in turn, communicates with the Autowatch Ghost to validate a startup.

With the device concealed in one of many places in your vehicle, it is practically invisible to trace using scanners or RF devices.



Extra Security with Autowatch Shadow


Alarm trigger – With the Autowatch Shadow upgrade you can opt for it comes complete with an internal siren. If a thief attempts to steal your vehicle without entering the Autowatch Ghost pin code the siren will activate.

Vehicle movement  – If your vehicle is key cloned & rolled off your driveway the vehicle will activate the internal siren.

Track & Trace – The Autowatch Shadow is further unique to offer to add on the trigger for a tracking or paging system.

Features of the Autowatch Shadow


  • Added vehicle lockdown with second circuit immobiliser
  • Optional trigger for siren / pager / tracking system
  • Super stealth – invisible installation by our team of experts
  • No RF detection or scanning



Autowatch Shadow is fitted from £299.00. Please contact sales for further information on your vehicle.





Optional Extras





Autowatch Shield fitted from £299, call today for your bespoke installation.


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