Car theft in the UK is increasing as thieves adapt to modern security systems.

Over 370,000 cars are stolen each year in the UK, which has the highest number of stolen cars in Europe!

Car crime is a huge and profitable business, costing billions of pounds a year and representing around third of all reported crime. It shows that some 70 percent of stolen cars and broken up and sold for spares, while the rest are given a false identity and sold.

10 Top Stolen Cars In The UK 2016

10. Audi Q7

The seven-seater Audi makes is a popular car for families- also for thieves!

The £47,625 Audi Q7 came out in 2006 has greater numbers of newer models on the UK roads, which is making it more popular for thieves.

9. Range Rover Autobiography

The high price Range Rover Autobiography is the main of them all.The ultra-luxury Autobiography Range Rover is anyone’s dream car.

With full semi-aniline leather seats; rear seat entertainment package; 18-way power front seats with memory message, heating, and cooling.

8. Audi RS4

The Audi RS4 is appearing in eighth place on the same list in 2014.

7. BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series has been out of the top 10 since 2009, but now it is back since it’s become a popular car to thieves last year.

The heated ceramic controls, heated seats, multi-contour seats, park assist, a rear-view camera and soft close automatic doors, is a popular car in the UK.

6. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

It’s no real surprise to see the Mercedes Benz on this list as it is always on thieves list every year.

5. BMW 3 Series

It’s one of the most popular cars in the criminal underworld, as it is one of the most popular cars amongst company car drivers.

4. Mercedes-Benz C220

There are a lot of Mercedes-Benz C22O models on Britain’s roads, which means there is more to steal!

This Mercedes Benz is on the top 10 best sellers in the UK- maybe its popularity is the reason why car thieves are getting tempted?

3. Range Rover Vogue

The Range Rover Vogue has placed higher then its brother the Autobiography model this year to take third place.

2. BMX X5

BMX X5 has now dropped down to second place from number one place for six years.

The BMX X5 has significant security problems, which made them fairly to steal for high-tech criminals armed with the right electronic gadgets.

If you’ve got one on your driveway, you might want to hide the keys.

1. Range Rover Sport

The 4X4 worth from £62,000 to over £84,000 managed to knock off the BMX X5 off the number one spot, which it has held for six years.

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