New BMW Alpina D3 BiTurbo car Tracking system & anti-hijacking system with anti GPS jamming technology.

This new client wanted the best vehicle security for his new BMW Alpina D3. We knew we had to protect his vehicle from the new Key Spoofing, with Key cloning & Gps jamming being used by car criminals. We fitted one of our very best covert car tracking systems with extra features.

This BMW Alpina D3 car tracker will not only protect our client’s vehicle. But with the extra features allow them to monitor the vehicle themselves too with Geo fencing & text alert system.

With car criminals using latest technology & illegal jamming devices. They can try to jam the vehicle but will surely find it hard to get the car gone in there approach to a theft order.

Supplying our clients with the best vehicle security Nationwide. We can protect your Car with our BMW tracking systems & give you that added security not offered by a regular main dealer.

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