Best Car Trackers category 6 for my car

Our Top 3 Cat6 Best Car Trackers have been the best tracking systems that money can buy with 24/7 control centre monitoring. These tracking systems have been carefully chose by our team of engineers and clients feedback in successful monitoring and recovery of their vehicles. If you want to find the best car trackers for your vehicle then talk to one of our experts who will be happy to assist.



Tracker Locate Gps Car Trackers Best Car Trackers

£462.00 £295.00

The Tracker Locate is our very best insurance approved category 6 tracking system enabling the owner to Track Trace & Locate their vehicle. With the Tracker 24/7 secure control centre, this gives you the peace of mind that big brother is watching over your car.

The Tracker Locate is a unique VHF/GPS/GSM insurance approved Category 6 tracking system. The VHF (Very High Frequency) technology has been designed to prevent jamming of the tracking system. The Tracker Locate tracking system is the most demanding Cat 6 tracking system which includes the benefits of all three tracking technologies available (Gps, Gsm & Vhf). With this in mind, the Tracker Locate tracking system is virtually immune to complete jamming. All combined with the benefits of battery backup & illegal motion sensor.

Your Vehicles Security

In the event of a theft, Tracker HQ can Locate the vehicle with the aid of the Police in numerous ways using all the technologies including their anti-jamming & Tracker mesh network. Due to needing as much help from the police force as possible, Tracker made sure they got full cooperation with the police and as a result of this, they now have support across every police force across the country.

In addition to this, the combination of the 3 methods of tracking (VHF, GSM and GPS.) The Tracker Locate has wide coverage across Europe. Therefore if you go on holiday with your vehicle, you can enjoy yourself knowing that our vehicle is still in safe hands. Furthermore, if you go away and leave your vehicle at home, you can still monitor your vehicle’s location. Most of all you can put the safety of your vehicle to the back of your mind as you will know if anything bad does happen then you know Tracker and the Police force will get your vehicle back safe for you.

Tracker is approved by;
Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Smart, Toyota, Case New Holland (Tractors), Bailey Caravans, Morgan, Caterham, Aerial, NFU Insurance


Main Features
  • GSM/GPS/VHF tracking technology
  • Internet Enabled Gps Car Trackers
  • 24-hour monitoring tracking control centreBest car trackers Tracker Locate
  • Insurance approved car tracker
  • Thatcham approved TQA089
  • Covert installed GPS / GSM black box
  • Includes Nationwide installation by certified engineer
  • 3 Year warranty on tracking system and service**


Monitoring Charges

Annual Subscription: £189

2 Year Subscription: £339

3 Year Subscription: £449

4 Year Subscription: £539

5 Year Subscription: £629






Vodaphone Protect & Connect6 -1Year Subscription incl



  •  £441.00 with Monitoring included 1Year!

The all-inclusive Vodaphone Protect & Connect 6 tracking system with 1-year subscription included.The Vodaphone Protect & Connect 6 is the new Vodaphone Protect and connect 6 2017 Thatcham category 6 tracking system by Vodaphone Cobra  – This latest Cobra tracking system offers GPS stolen vehicle tracking with the added security of generating the following alerts:

Tow-away alert

– This is triggered when motion is detected and whilst the ignition of the vehicle is off.

Tamper alert

– This is activated when the tracking systems battery is removed or if any of the wires to the unit have been cut.

GSM jamming alert

– GSM jammers are devices that can block the GPS signal from your device in an attempt to block the vehicle from being located. The jamming alert is triggered when an attempt of jamming is being put in place by a thief.

The Vodafone Cobra Protect connect 6 GPS tracking system 1Yr Cat 6 tracker is a step up from any other entry-level trackers. The Vodafone Cobra Protect connect 6 GPS tracking system 1Yr is a Thatcham Category 6 approved tracking system. A category 6 tracking system is the second best in tracker rankings. As a cat 6 tracking system, the Vodafone Cobra Protect connect 6 GPS tracking system 1Yr is also one of the second highest insurance accredited tracking system for stolen vehicles. In addition, it offers you serious protection for your vehicles against theft.

Your Vehicles Security

Using GSM and GPS, the Vodafone Cobra Protect connect 6 GPS tracking system 1Yr has wide European coverage which also includes Russia and South Africa. First of all, you then don’t need to worry that if your vehicle is stolen then you can still have coverage over a large distance. In addition to this, the Vodafone Cobra Protect connect 6 GPS tracking system 1Yr also has international GSM coverage. So you can worry even less because you’ll know your vehicle has that coverage. With its pinpoint GPS tracking, the Vodafone Cobra Protect & connect 6 GPS tracking system 1Yr can give the control centre its location accurately within 10 metres. Vodafone are also supported by European Police forces as well as all the police in the UK. Furthermore, no police hardware is needed in the process of tracking your vehicle.


Main Features

  • Thatcham ‘CAT6’ accreditedCobratrak Vodaphone Protect and connect 6
  •  Internet Enabled & Free App
  • 24/7 Control Centre
  • Thatcham Approved: TQA234
  • 12/24 volt
  • European coverage (36 European countries plus Russia and South Africa)
  • Pinpoint GPS tracking
  • Battery Alert if car power disconnected
  • Recognised by Major Insurers
  • Includes Nationwide installation by certified engineer
  • 3 Year warranty on tracking system and service**


Monitoring Charges 

Renewal of Standard Annual Subscription: £142.00 

3 Year Subscription: click here for a better deal… 

5 Year Subscription: click here for a better deal… 


Trackstar TM470


The Trackstar TM470 is an insurance approved GPS vehicle tracking system, it is one of UK’s Leading GPS stolen vehicle tracking system. This tracking system is Thatcham and Category 6 approved as well as being insurance approved. The installation and use of this Trackstar TM470 tracking system could provide the added benefit of lowering your insurance premiums. This Trackstar TM470 is suitable for all car makes and models.

First of all, The Trackstar TM470 uses pinpoint GPS technology to locate and track stolen vehicles whilst teaming up with the Police force in order to recover vehicles as fast and as safe as possible.

Most noteworthy is that should your vehicle be moved without the keys in the ignition or is moved outside of its set Geofence area, the system will notice this and notify you of a possible theft. Once the system does this it will activate and from there the Trackstar TM470 is able to be located every 20 seconds through its GPS. So if you confirm that a theft has taken place or that there is something wrong then steps can immediately be taken to retrieving your vehicle back for you.

Why Choose the Trackstar TM470 tracking device?

Unfortunately, in this day and age, vehicle theft is highly a part of modern life. But the times of worrying about your vehicle are over, Trackstar has cracked down on the strategies modern thieves are using and have done a brilliant job in stopping them. As a result of all the modern technology available, thieves have a lot more available that can be used to aid them in stealing a vehicle, but Trackstar has matched thieves at there own game. Not only will it activate as soon as any threat to the vehicle is happening but even if the thieves believe that they have gotten away with stealing your vehicle they will immediately be watched.


Due to the pinpoint, GPS it will give a strong signal that will give Trackstar a precise location on your vehicle and within minutes they would have teamed up with the local Police force and had already begun searching for your vehicle. Even if your vehicle leaves the area of with the certain Police force cover, Trackstar themselves have teamed up with every Police force available in parts of Europe including every Police force in the UK.

Therefore It is safe to say your vehicle is in very safe hands.

Endorsed by BMW, Jaguar & Land Rover the Trackstar Tm470 has been very successful with the Prestige car marketplace. The Trackstar Tm470 now comes complete with a free Trackstar App for your smartphone so you can see exactly where your vehicle is at any time*.

Main FeaturesTrackstar Tm470 best car trackers

  • The tracker will continuously track the vehicle every 20 seconds
  • Insurance approved
  • 24/7 Helpline
  • Battery Alert if car power disconnected
  • Movement sensor – detection & control centre alert
  • 12 volt
  • TQA199 – Thatcham Approved Tracking Device
  • Includes Nationwide installation by certified engineer
  • Remove & refit service. Fully transferable to new vehicle
  • Covert installed GPS / GSM black box
  • 2 Year warranty on tracking system and service**
  • Trackstar App

Subscription Information

Option 1: Standard Annual Subscription: £168
Option 2 : 3 Year Subscription: £399

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