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Here at Tracking My Car, we can help you when it’s time to choosing a car tracking solution for your vehicle security. Ensuring we make it easy to understand, we can have you totally protected with our trusted brands as well as other products like car security alarms, immobilisers and cameras.

                                    car tracking solutions

With our Thatcham approved car tracking systems, we have every solution for your vehicle security. With a car tracking system onboard and stealth protection, you can be assured the experts at Tracking My Car have your car safe!



What’s My first choice of a car Tracking solution?

Whether it be a car insurance request, vehicle security issue or even a fleet monitoring system we can advise the best car tracking solution to fit your car, van, fleet or Motorhome.

There are several categories that car tracking systems fall in…

1.Thatcham approved car trackings system – These are vehicle tracking systems that break down into three categories for example…

Cat5 Trackers, ( these are normally installed on vehicles of very high value or risk ..for example .. £75k /  Bentley GT. )

Cat6 GPS Tracking systems, ( the most popular pro-active GPS tracking systems fitted Nationally – generally fitted to all vehicles requiring a standard tracking system for insurance purposes.)

Cat7 Vhf car trackers. ( a radio signal tracking system that works with the assistance of the Police interceptor cars and helicopters , altho classed as entry level this product is excellent value for money. )

*All Cat5/6 tracker products are monitored by a 24/7 secure car tracking control centre.

2.Fleet monitoring systems – These products have been designed for the company or individual to keep an eye on a fleet of vehicles or single car with the aid of a web portal that can be accessed anytime online.With no secure control centre involved this tracking system is purely monitored by the company or individual in question.

3.Portable tracking systems – These are tracking systems that have been designed to be either carried upon your persons or temporarily fitted to a vehicle with either a rechargeable battery or provisional battery source.

Car Tracking options and features


We offer a range of products and are accredited dealers for all major Tracking Brands. All our Thatcham approved control centres offer the UK and Europe coverage.


Gps car tracking solutions

Gps car tracking solutions


 Following some simple steps to ensure you have the right Car tracking solution

When choosing a tracking system for your vehicle, it is important to take consideration some key points that may assist you in finding the best solution.

For example…

  1. Do you require a pro-active Gps system -this is where a control centre is involved in the recovery of your car theft.
  2. Would you want a tracker that is internet enabled and has a web portal or app available?
  3. Do you need to immobilise the vehicle should it be stolen with the keys.
  4. Can you transfer the tracking system to your next vehicle?
  5. What are your options for the monitoring charges from the control centres?

car tracking solutions tracking my car

 How can we help

We help new clients every day in selecting a tracking system or upgrading their security for their vehicle. With years of industry knowledge and know-how, we can ensure our customers are always covered with a total peace of mind.

For free advice why not give us a try and talk to one of our team experts to assist you further.

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